Saturday, May 4, 2013

   Our Kwang Hua Christian Union is having a ONE DAY CAMP ! 

Are you lost but craving for the word of God and don't know how to get some ? Well, come on down and register yourself ! 

You can get you forms from any morning session AJKs' or from our president Chu En Ci ( 5A6 ) and vice president Goh Xin Jie ( 5A1 ) .

Our theme is    GENESIS.In the beginning...

Presbyterian Church, Taman Eng Ann Klang. (opposite klang hokkien association )

    28 th May 2013      8.00 am - 5.30 pm 

                                                RM 15 per person

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Come on and get yourself registered quick !!

Btw, if you're still not convinced, here are some pictures from last year's camp. ( see anyone you know? ) This year it's time to make your own memories!

Groups of teamwork         

Presentations from different groups     .

              ... Games 

Hope it convinces you. Have a great day (:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

ISCF Rally 12' - forever alone?

Did you went to this year's ISCF rally? If you didn't, don't worry! I have the updates for you ;) This year, Pastor Andy Yeoh from Acts church preached!

People nowadays complain about being alone. "Forever Alone" But, did you know, Jesus is there? 

Forever, it means eternity. Does the stuff we have last ? NO! Money ? Iphone ?  Galaxy S3 ? Ipad? Bungalow ? Justin Bieber ? Kristen Stewart ? NO! She cheated ! So, we need to be smart and find someone who will be there with us forever! You know who ? Jesus ! He lives in eternity and nothing lasts forever but Him !

Pastor Andy thought that his girlfriend he had when he was form 5 would last forever. But where did it take him ? 

Watch the following video to find out ! 

He also said that we need to make Jesus our best friend ! In John 15:15 , Jesus said to his disciples: " I no longer call you slaves, because a master doesn't confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me. " In this scripture , it is said that the highest rank in Jesus' eyes are FRIENDS ! So, if you make Jesus your best friends, you're the most precious thing to him ! So why not make him your best friend today?

We should give it all away and go his way ! The P & W was awesome btw!

Do please enjoy this song ! An awesome song they played ! 

 Hope to see you guys next year !

Monday, February 6, 2012



Kwanghua'rians! here's your chance to experience a whole new level of intimacy with God, so you simply just can't miss out! Tons of fun, new friends & unforgettable experiences GUARANTEED. So be there!


15th-18th March 2012

El Sanctuary, Alor Gajah, Melaka (I heard that the place is really, really nice so don't miss out!)

Pastor Rudy Chew 

RM190 (food, lodging & transportation included) 

Click HERE for more updates about the camp! Feel free to invite your friends too! But please note that there are limited spots available so be quick! First come first served. 

!!!Registration deadline: 20th February 2012!!!

If anyone is interested, please get the registration forms from me, Tan Su Li from 4S2. Feel free to contact me for any enquiries too. I hope to see everyone of you there ok! God bless. :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

It's the first post of the year and here's a picture of our CNY gathering! It might be a few but it's the thought that counts right ? Some of us went home earlier, so next time!

CU has a massive increase of people and we welcome everyone! Hope to see you guys real soon! :) Happy Chinese New Year

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Here it is. My customary last post. 

CU activity has been something I look forward to. I've been coming to CU since form 1 and really I've seen everyone and myself grow. Not just physically but mentally and spiritually. CU has been a blessing to me all these years. It's a place of warmth, peace, friendliness and rest after a long week. It's the people that makes CU special and different from the rest.  

Generation after generations of leaders have come and gone. The cycle continues. Sometimes along the way I wanted to stop, cause I feel like I've been going nowhere with this, but God showed me otherwise. God has been blessing CU with great teachers, great leaders and great members. 
CU is different from other clubs. It's much more than just a club.

Thanks for all the fun and craziness. Thanks for the great times, the memories and the Friday afternoons spent together. I love you guys, the quiet ones, the noisy ones, the naughty ones, the nice ones, the big and tall ones...... I will always remember Kwang Hua CU!

Spread the good news, Burn Out Bright! 
Yeah, and please keep the blog updated! Last post, 30th Oct? 

Michelle Lee

Sunday, October 30, 2011

God of ancient China

Do you know that the Chinese race is the largest ethnic group with one fifth of the world's population? Told to be told, chinese is one of the earliest and the oldest enduring civilization of 4500 years of unbroken history.
Don't know? This video will help you to gain those knowledge. :D


Sunday, August 14, 2011

So this is coming really late . . . and I'm uber sorry

SO, finally, after ages of waiting and your dearest VP Tan Ting Han pestering me, here are your ISCF Rally 2011 : REALITY CHECK pictures :D
( lousy computer's been giving me trouble, hence the super LATE upload)

Before the awesomest event of the year began (and Joshua showing of his BIG muscles)

And then the BAND came on stage . . .

"And there was singing and there was dancing, and the jumping was not excluded" :P

Not forgetting our super HOT emcee, Kelly Yong, who gladly hosted for us this year :)

And also for our AWESOME praise team who brought out the hype in the Klang-ians :P

And the photos after Rally was over (sorry didn't get any pics of the pastor)

And here we have the photobombs that Kwang Hua-rians are so fond of. . .

some of the other shots of the night (:

Sunday, July 17, 2011



ISCF Rally is in... *starts counting fingers* TWO WEEKS!!!

*jumps up and down excitedly*

The theme for this year's rally is RealityCHECK. Oh, and CLICK HERE to get the latest updates on the rally. I am so hyped up for rally and I am going to make you, too! :)

Remember THIS DATE : 30th July 2011
Mark down THIS TIME : 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Go to THIS PLACE : Glad Tidings, Klang

To be able to experience God's presence and love, this is the perfect opportunity for you! And when I say perfect, I mean PERFECT with a capital P. So, don't miss the time of your life! A
nyway, this is an order and I am going to force you to go. >:D Every single one of you must go OR ELSE YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED IN LIFE.


Okay, maybe God won't allow that to happen (He's very forgiving :D)
but don't take that for granted. Just go lah, I beg you. You won't regret it. Promise! :]

BTW, this is Ru Min from Mars and she's missing the awesomest CU ever. :'( Oh, well. See you there!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

nothing is impossible!!

Through You I can do anything
I can do all things
'Cause it's You who gives me strength
Nothing is impossible
Through You blind eyes are open
Strongholds are broken
I am living by faith
Nothing is impossible
I'm not gonna live by what I see
I'm not gonna live by what I feel
Deep down I know that You're here with me
And I know that You can do anything
I believe, I believe
I believe, I believe in you